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On Saturday the 3.12.2016 at 2100 game time, for the last time, on behalf of we will blow up multiple carriers and give away 4.000 newbro friendly fitted Destroyers and we are inviting you all to come along! It will also be streamed on the EVE_NT_TV twitch channel! You can find more details to […]

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Its Christmas time and naturally its the time of year to celebrate! So what better way to celebrate other than to meet up with your fellow space friends at one of the many meets happening all over the world in December! Of course, you can find out more about these events via where you […]

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Hello all! o/ I’m proud to announce today, a new service coming from EVE NT: ISKstarter. As many know, the closing of Eve-Bet, Trillionaire, IWI and other services created a vacuum of ISK funding for people running events, creating content, and other activities centred around EVE. This money was often used for providing ships, paying […]

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Phalanx vs Charlatans The first outing of the Cyclone in this tournament came courtesy of Phalanx, picking it as part of their complete Minmatar setup against the Amarr/Gallente choices of Charlatans. A slow start to the match as both teams repositioned and sized each other up, with both teams’ logistics ships and drones keeping shields […]

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TLDR: PVP Tournament ran by EVE_NT. English Stream here, Russian language stream here Tonight marks the mid-season matches for the EVE_NT Fall Championship Minor League. For those that missed the first week of matches you can catch them all here on our YouTube page. The current standings for the Minor League are as follows: Team […]

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