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8 teams remained to engage in glorious spaceship combat for glory, honour, and Alliance Tournament XIV prize ships. In a weekend that saw more than its fair share of dramatic events, would the pressure of back-to-back matches start to show; or would the teams up their game even more in order to seize the top […]

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The following was taken from this weeks EVE University public mailing list which you join in game by signing up to ‘Classes.E-UNI’. The primary purpose of EVE University is to teach new (and old) players about the basics of life in EVE and various aspects of game play. To that end they hold regular classes, […]

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Trillionaire.pro was in the midst of a massive website upgrade when CCP announced the changes to the EULA, and plans for a launch party have now turned into a farewell party. Party Plans Trillionaire brings a Free-for-all in-game event on November 12th with 4,000 destroyers fit up and ready to go, alongside 18 capitals that […]

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At the last EVE Fanfest in Iceland where a tournament was held to find the best EVE:Valkyrie players in the world. You can read about that event in our article here. Of course, what do champions need to do? Defend their titles! CCP Blowout posted a thread on the official Valkyrie forums here about CCP’s […]

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AT XIV – Week 2 in Graphs

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The finals weekend is almost upon us; titanic clashes, last-minute upsets, and who knows what else is in store. While the hours tick down to the final matches, here are some quick stats from Weekend 2 of Alliance Tournament XIV. Slim(mer) Pickings Now that teams had seen the kind of things their opponents were fielding, […]

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